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"The Plan" Has Been Activated
by Gail L Bird Allen
March 30, 2012


I think one of the main questions a civilian asks concerning our military is: "would they turn their guns on us?"

The answer is: "No."

The next question a civilian asks is: "but what if a commanding officer orders them to?"

This is where the troops have to decide if 'the order' is 'lawful' or 'unlawful', and if determined to be 'unlawful' the answer is: "No."

David Wilcock is a well known researcher and speaker on the subjects of consciousness, the source field, convergence and that sort of thing and has been featured in several of the Ancient Alien episodes.

As things happen, David did an interview with Benjamin Fulford (previous Forbes Magazine Asia-Pacific bureau chief for 7 years) concerning a Trillion Dollar lawsuit filing that Ben had been claiming for a couple of years would be filed. Well, the filing coming to fruition spoke loudly to Benjamin's credit and David wrote an article titled CONFIRMED: The Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit That Could End Financial Tyranny that started a firestorm that fanned into an inferno by the time he finished and published all of his research. Included in the final article are some very interesting and important interviews with the attorneys and trustee's of the Trillion Dollars worth of U.S. Bonds that the Federal Reserve won't honor claiming they are frauds.

Since September 2011 we've had 450 BANKER RESIGNATIONS, 339 of them since January 2012.

In the course of working on that research, David came into contact with this one and that one in the 'whistle blower' community and was introduced to an ex-military gentleman who has grabbed the full attention of certain freedom loving good-guy individuals at the Pentagon. Yes, the Pentagon!

Why is the Pentagon interested in a Viet Nam veteran whose passion has turned to studying the law - all the way back to the Sumerian, written in cuneiform on clay tablets law!?

Because our Viet Nam veteran, calling himself Drake and apparently still well connected to some very high places, found the exact item our freedom loving good-guy individuals at the Pentagon were looking for. The legal footing necessary to take our country out of the clutches of the criminals running it, its corporations, its foreign policy, its organizations, its banks and therefore its economy.

Good men and women in positions of authority will put up with criminals and abuse of power only so long before they act.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and now the Executive Order - National Defense Resources Preparedness signed by Obama on March 16, 2012 were apparently the spark and Drake's legal findings the fuel that has activated "The Plan."

Drake was introduced to "The Plan" around 1979 and it was already a five inch thick three-ring binder back then. Basically it's a Good Guys Take Out Bad Guys manual.

Take the time to hear what this man is saying. Listen carefully, he's telling you something! Take note of how you should conduct yourself when you start seeing things 'happen'. It's not martial law and it's not a New World Order coup. It's the somebody's referred to when everyone screams, "why doesn't somebody do something?"

Of course, all remains to be seen, but if I start seeing mass arrests in high places and the mainstream media being taken over in order to report it, as Drake says will absolutely and very shortly be happening, it will surely have me sitting up even straighter and focused on the notice.

In the end, the Good Guys always win! And what God or his Son, our King, doesn't do personally, they do by, through and with the cooperation of good men.

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