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The Urantia Book: Indexed Version
The Urantia Book: Indexed Version with free Audio Book on DVD (Can only be played on a computer with a DVD drive.)The Urantia Book: Indexed Version

Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible, Vols. 1-5
Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible, Vols. 1-5Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible, Vols. 1-5

The Strongest Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible
The Strongest Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the BibleThe Strongest Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible

64 Original Urantia Book Concepts
by Dr. William Sadler

  1. The Eternal Son of Paradise: For the first time in human records clearly designated and personally identified. Papers 6, 7
  2. The Unique Conjoint Actor: The concept of the Third Person of Deity is both unique and original in the Urantia Papers. Papers 8, 9
  3. The Paradise Trinity: In The Urantia Book the Paradise Trinity finds its only present day identification and recognition. Paper 10
  4. The Central Geographic Residence of Deity: For the first time the world knows exactly where God lives. Papers 11, 12
  5. The Absolute Isle of Paradise: The original concept of Paradise as the absolute of non-deity reality. Paper 11
  6. Multiple Creator Sons: Recognition of more than 700,000 Creator Paradise Sons. Papers 20, 21
  7. Concept of the Absolutes: The concept of the Unqualified, Universal, and Deity Absolutes is original with the Urantia Book. Foreword
  8. Doctrine of Evolutionary Deity: While I saw an intimation of finite Deity in one of Pratt's books about the time of the coming of the Urantia Papers, I am sure that the concepts of the Supreme Being and God the Ultimate are original. Papers 115, 116, 117, 118
  9. Concept of the Triunities: The Triunities are an original Urantia concept. Paper 104
  10. Havona Universe and Natives: The billion world picture of Havona and its inhabitants is a wholly new and original concept. Papers 12, 14
  11. The Concept of Space: Not withstanding the theory of an "exploding cosmos," the space concept of The Urantia Book is new and original. Paper 15
  12. The Grand and Master Universes: The overall concept of the Master cosmos is not only original, but it far transcends all previous ideas. Papers 11, 15
  13. The Seven Orders of Trinity-Created Days: While one of these seven orders, the "Ancient of Days," is mentioned in the Bible, the whole presentation is both new and original. Paper 18
  14. The Paradise Sons of God: The story of Magisterial and Trinity Teacher Sons in addition to Creator Sons is entirely original with The Urantia Book. Paper 20
  15. Trinitized Sons of God: The story and technique of the trinitization of divine Sons is unique and original in the Urantia papers. Paper 22
  16. The Seven Master Spirits: While the Bible makes mention of even Spirits of God, it is only in The Urantia Book that these Spirits are identified and their work fully described. Paper 16
  17. The Vast Family of the Conjoint Actor: The vast and farflung Family of the Infinite Spirit - supernaphim, seconaphim, Solitary Messengers are but briefly foreshadowed by the Biblical narrative of seraphim and cherubim. Papers 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28
  18. The Universal Circuits: The gravity, personality, spirit, and mind circuits are original teachings of The Urantia Book. Papers 3, 7, 9
  19. Universal Reflectivity - Majeston: The amazing story of universal reflectivity is a wholly new and original presentation of the Urantia revelation. Paper 17
  20. Power Directors - Force Organizers: The whole concept of intelligent and purposive control of cosmic energy is original with The Urantia Book. Paper 29
  21. Evolution of Energy - Matter: While some phases of the Urantia story of the evolution of energy may have been foreshadowed by scientific discovery, nevertheless, the concept as a whole is new as presented in the Urantia Papers. Paper 139
  22. The Ultimaton: At the time of the suggestion of the uItimaton in the Urantia Papers, I had never heard of such a concept in scientific literature. During the past five or six years, I have noted several different intimations of the possible existence of some physical factor analogous to the ultimaton concept. Papers 41, 42
  23. Origin of the Solar System: While the Urantia narrative of the origin of the solar system includes some features of the Moulton-Chamberlain theory, the whole story is so complete and unique as to make it practically an original presentation. Paper 57
  24. The Architectural Worlds: Worlds made to order of specifications is original with The Urantia Book. Papers 15, 43, 46
  25. Universe Administration: From the inhabited world to the management of the grand universe the administrative scheme of The Urantia Book is entirely new. Paper 33
  26. The Life Carriers: Nothing like the concept of the Life Carriers has ever been suggested to humankind in all past history. Papers 20, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63
  27. Origin of the Human Race: While the Urantia story of the origin of the human race validates doctrine of evolution, nevertheless, it presents such a detailed and unique narrative as to constitute an all but original presentation of human origins. Paper 62, 63
  28. Origin of the Colored Races: The Urantia story of the origin of the Sangik races is the only such narrative in existence. Paper 64
  29. Source and Nature of Personality: While The Urantia Book, like science, fails to define personality, it does designate its origin and gratifyingly portrays its magnificent destiny. (Entire Book)
  30. The Concept of Thought Adjusters: While the Bible talks about the "true light which lighteth every man coming into the world" the story of Thought Adjusters as revealed in the Urantia Papers is so replete and unique as to constitute a new and original story. Papers 107, 108, 109, 110, 111
  31. Evolution of the Soul: The concept of the origin, nature, and evolution of the soul is original with The Urantia Book. Paper 110
  32. Identification of the Holy Spirit: Pointing out the Holy Spirit as the presence of the Local Universe Mother Spirit is altogether new and original in the Urantia Papers. Paper 34
  33. The Seven Adjutant Spirits: While the bible makes mention of seven spirits and in Isaiah partially identifies them, the Urantia narrative is so full and unique as to make it an original presentation. Paper 36:5
  34. Local Universe Sons of God: The whole story of Local Universe Sons is new and original. Paper 35
  35. The Ascension Plan to "Be You Perfect": While Jesus propounded the mandate "Be you perfect", etc., the unfoldment of the Paradise ascension plan in The Urantia Book is an all but new original concept. Papers 1, 7, 14, 26
  36. The Seven Mansion Worlds: While the Master alluded to the "mansion worlds," the replete story of their nature and province is both new and original. Paper 17
  37. The Morontia Concept: The whole morontia concept of the stage between the material and the spiritual is new and original. Paper 48
  38. Celestial Artisans and Reversion Directors: Both of these concepts are new in The Urantia Book. The concept of celestial play and spiritual humor is all but new. Papers 30:3, 48:4
  39. Concept of Permanent Citizenship: This is wholly original within The Urantia Book. Papers 30:2, 31:5, 37:9, 40:10
  40. The Urantia Midwayers: While the Old Testament does refer to the "Nephilim" the citation is so indefinite as to constitute the Urantia story of the midwayers as a new and original narrative. Papers 30:9, 66:4, 77:6
  41. The Superhuman Planetary Government: The story of the planetary functions of the Most Highs, the Reserve Corps, and the planetary seraphim is original, notwithstanding the allusion to the work of the Most Highs in the Bible. Paper 114
  42. The Billions of Inhabited Worlds: At the time of the arrival of The Urantia Papers, there was no literature dealing with inhabited worlds other than our world. The idea was new. In recent years we frequently run across speculations regarding other inhabited planets. Papers 12, 15
  43. Clarification of Sin and Rebellion: The unique clarification of sin and rebellion is original with The Urantia Book. Paper 2:2
  44. Identity of Adam & Eve: The narrative the legendary story of Adam and Eve is original. 37:9, 74
  45. Clarification of Melchizedek: The Melchizedek story as clarified in the Urantia narrative is really a new and original concept. Papers 45:4, 93
  46. Concept of the Ages of Light and Life: The fruition of mortal evolution as portrayed in the ages of light and life is altogether a new and original. Paper 55
  47. A Unified History of Urantia: Nowhere else in all the world can you find a consistent and unified history of our world. For the first time we have a chronology of human affairs. Part III of The Urantia Book
  48. Diseases: The Book presents a new and original explanation of microbic diseases. Papers 65:2, 76:5, 90:3
  49. Antigravity: The whole concept of antigravity is unique and original with the Urantia Papers. Only during the last year has any scientist promulgated a theory of antigravity. Papers 9:3, 11; 15:8, 42
  50. Jesus' Birthday: For the first time during the Christian era we know the real birthday of Jesus - August 21, 7 BC. Paper 122
  51. Experimental Planet: The fact that Urantia was a decimal planet and that the Life Carriers had permission to attempt new features of biologic evolution. This is information not heretofore known on the planet. Paper 49
  52. The Evolution of Religion: While you can read much about the evolution of religion on Urantia nevertheless the straight story told in the Urantia Papers is unique and original. Paper 86
  53. The Unique Reason for Jesus' Bestowal: The Urantia Book presents a new, unique, and original reason for Jesus' life and death on our world. Paper 120
  54. A Chronological Story of Jesus' Life: The Book presents the only complete story of Jesus' life on this world. Part IV of The Urantia Book
  55. Identification of the Twelve Apostles: The Urantia story is the first time the confusion of the 12 apostles has been straightened out. Papers 138; 139
  56. The Unique Story of Mary: The story of Mary, the mother of Jesus, is unique and original. Paper 122
  57. The Water and the Wine: As far as I know The Urantia Book presents an original explanation of this supposed miracle. Paper 137
  58. Explanation of Unintended Miracles: The Book presents a possible explanation of numerous unintended miracles. Paper 136
  59. Jesus attitude toward Art and Athletics and Women: The Master's attitude toward art, athletics and women are nowhere else revealed. Art - Paper 142:4: Athletics - Paper 124:3; Women - Papers 133:2; 138:8; 143:5; 149:2
  60. The Sermon on the Mount: I am, of course. not familiar with all the literature on the Sermon on the Mount. But as far as I know, the interpretation of this address in The Urantia Book is new and original. Paper 140
  61. The Women's Evangelistic Corps: This story is new, notwithstanding the brief mention of this matter in the New Testament. Paper 150:1
  62. Rodan of Alexandria: This whole story is original with The Urantia Book. Paper 160
  63. The Story of Abner: The unique story of the head of John the Baptist's apostles is original with The Urantia Papers. Papers 144, 162, 166, 167
  64. David Zebedee's Intelligence Corps: This entire story is exclusively found in The Urantia Book. Papers 149; 154:5; 157:6; 186:3

Reproduced articles are in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and are for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, educating, scholarship, and research.

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