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The Favorite Son---Joseph Hated by His Brethren---Joseph Cast into the Pit--The Sale--Joseph's Three Masters--Joseph's Coat Brought to His Father--Judah and His Sons--The Wives of the Sons of Jacob---Joseph the Slave of Potiphar--Joseph and Zuleika---Joseph Resists Temptation--Joseph in Prison--Pharaoh's Dreams--Joseph before Pharaoh--The Ruler of Egypt--Joseph's Brethren in Egypt--Joseph Meets His Brethren--The Second journey to Egypt--Joseph and Benjamin--The Thief Caught--Judah Pleads and Threatens--Joseph Makes Himself Known--Jacob Receives the Glad Tidings--Jacob Arrives in Egypt---Joseph's Kindness and Generosity~Jacob's Last Wish---The Blessing of Ephraim and Manasseh--The Blessing of the Twelve Tribes--The Death of Jacob--The Sons of Jacob at War with the Sons of Esau--Zepho King of Kittim--The Nations at War--Joseph's Magnanimity--Asenath--The Marriage of Joseph--Kind and Unkind Brethren--Treachery Punished--The Death and Burial of Joseph.


Significant Names--Reuben's Testament--Simon's Admonition against Envy~The Ascension of Levi--Judah Warns against Greed and Unchastity--Issachar's Singleness of Heart--Zebulon Exhorts unto Compassion--Dan's Confession--Naphtali's Dreams of the Division of the Tribes--Gad's Hatred--Asher's Last Words--Benjamin Extols Joseph.


Job and the Patriarchs--Job's Wealth and Benefactions--Satan and Job---Job's Suffering--The Four Friends--Job Restored.


The Beginning of the Egyptian Bondage--Pharaoh's Cunning--The Pious Midwives--The Three Counsellors--The Slaughter of the Innocents--The Parents of Moses--The Birth of Moses--Moses Rescued from the Water--The Infancy of Moses--Moses Rescued by Gabriel--The Youth of Moses--The Flight--The King of Ethiopia--Jethro--Moses Marries Zipporah--A Bloody Remedy--The Faithful Shepherd--The Burning Thorn--bush--The Ascension of Moses--Moses Visits Paradise and Hell--Moses Declines the Mission--Moses Punished for His Stubbornness--The Return to Egypt--Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh--The Suffering In--creases--Measure for Measure--The Plagues Brought through Aaron--The Plagues Brought through Moses--The First Passover--The Smiting of the First-born--The Redemption of Israel from Egyptian Bondage--The Exodus.

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